Riverside’s restaurant Mae Klong boat stern club Located by the sea



Near the warship Luang Mae Klong There’s a restaurant on the water’s edge. Mae Klong boat stern club Located by the sea, good atmosphere, cool wind blowing Focus on selling seafood, there are many menus to choose from The quantity is not expensive, the food is very fresh. Ordered the squid, steamed egg, lemon is good. It is the real egg squid because a lot of eggs. Papaya salad, pickled blue crab to make a lot of crab Ordered steamed egg grandfather with fresh milkBig crab, tight egg As for the overall taste, it works. It may not be so much wow. But with the ingredients used is very fresh, making it a restaurant in this area that is very popular Midday, quite a lot of people


Finished eating Continue walking to the bridge by the sea Come during the day, the sun is quite strong. But there is a wind blowing throughout. Phra Chulachom Fort is an important place in history. And is an important tourist attraction in Samut Prakan that shouldn’t be missed



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