Check in Phra Chulachomklao Fort

Located not far from the Ocean Butterfly Fort Is a famous tourist destination of Samut Prakan With many tourists visiting Because there are many stopping points There is also a restaurant in the club that sells seafood at an affordable price, most of which come to eat and then stop by at various points.



Phra Chulachom Fort is located behind the monument of King Chulalongkorn. To prevent invasions from England and France Is a white fort that is not very tall, wow, is a beautiful fortress walkway During the time the sunlight touches the metal roof arranged like a roof into a shining light line on the white wall and the tiled ground of orange bricksWith a gate that is lined All of these elements combined into a beautiful image. Although it is a historic site that many people may not be interested in But there are many cool shooting spots


The next stop is the Royal Drum Museum. Is the longest active warship in Thai navy history And is the 2nd oldest warship in the world and is preserved Which is currently open as an open-air museum for the public to visit The head of the boat has a distinctive and elegant crest


The ship’s interior is divided into important rooms such as the captain of the boat. Meeting room or classroom And combat equipment that has been retired

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