Asokaram Temple

Asokaram Temple, the famous temple of Samut Prakan Located not far from Bangpoo resort The temple has a spacious area. Full of beautiful and orderly buildings There are a lot of trees and there is a mangrove forest near the sea, peaceful, suitable for resting, paying respects to the monks.



When entering the temple, head to Phra Thutangk Chedi. The prominent location is within the temple. Is a group of 13 pagodas, each enshrining the relics In order to commemorate the 13 thugthuins, there are also relics of famous monks such as Luang Pu Waen, Luang Pu Cha etc


Before going inside the Thanthangk Chedi Must take off the shoes before walking to which floor is beautiful The more clear the sky, the more blue it intersects with the white pagoda. Overall look beautiful and comfortable Come late afternoon, even if the sun is still hot. Was not afraid to walk up to see the pagoda on each floor Recommend to come in the morning or late afternoon when walking into Phra That So as not to heat the feet very much


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