Hua Hin Stop by the café

Come to Hua Hin Stop by the café to find a corner to chill and take photos, which is another destination that must be put on a trip. Hua Hin has restaurants and cafes in a café style. Many stores The whole shop is next to the sea, decorated cool. The shop in the middle of the park Or will be a chic shop That we have selected 15 Hua Hin cafes, beautiful shops, enjoy photography



Memory House is located on the edge of Khao Tao Reservoir in Soi Hua Hin 101. The shop is clean and white in barn style. The front features distinctive swaying meadows for a dreamy feel. Behind it is a beautiful mountain view. Combined with a little minimal With a shooting angle in the style of a Japanese table with cute props Including a small marquee corner on the chic lawn

Coordinates: The shop is beside Khao Tao Reservoir (Soi Hua Hin 101) to the junction in front of Khao Tao Temple and turn right for another 800 meters.

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