Air Space Hua Hin

Air Space Hua Hin
Restaurants and cafes decorated with inspiration from the atmosphere of aviation. In the museum style in the olden days plane The shop is divided into 2 zones which are cafe zone and restaurant The shop is designed as a tall glass greenhouse with a little vintage. Almost all interior decorations are flying. Including large planes in the restaurant zone and plane collectibles in the cafe zone Add freshness and freshness with the Out Door area full of green plants. With a café serving coffee, drinks, desserts and western food The restaurant has Thai food. And seafood service, able to order across the side to eatair-space-thailand1



Distinctive cafe in the Seenspace HuaHin project. The glass house style, luxuriously decorated with the shop as a greenhouse, allowing light to shine through the trees, beautiful light, warm, the shop focuses on selling only tea beverages. Each smell has a story telling the personality of that tea. Has a concept like a gypsy card showdown Which each taste is like each card that is waiting for people to taste In addition to beverages, there is also a single food dish in Italian style, focusing on healthy foods such as green tea spaghetti. Spicy Stir Fried Spaghetti Salad etc. –

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