Ban Hua Laem Chedi

Located near Ban Hua Laem Fisherman’s Pier Na Yai Am District Chantaburi province The interesting feature of this is the old white pagoda that is located on the rocks in the middle of the sea. “Ban Hua Laem Chedi” is a chedi that is over 200 years old. It is believed to be built as an anchor for the fishermen. With a wooden bridge laying over the rocks, large and small, extending out into the sea for a distance of about 50 meters as a path to worship Ban Hua Laem Chedi

Ban Hua Laem Chedi Located on the same route as the Nang Nang Phaya Viewpoint Famous tourist attractions in Chanthaburi When reaching Nang Phaya Viewpoint, drive about 1 km to the pier which is the location of Baan Hua Laem Chedi. Upon arriving at the docks Park the car in the parking lot area. From there, take a tricycle to get into the pier for 10 baht per person (round trip) with a wooden bridge from the shore to the pier to the pagoda worship place.

On the way, can continue to take pictures of the sea view. Until the altar of worship, incense, candles, garland of faith, from the courtyard will see a white pagoda on the rocks not far If traveling in the evening, which is the setting sun, the atmosphere here is as beautiful as anywhere.

Ban Hua Laem Pagoda View Point

Ban Hua Laem Fishing Pier, Sanam Chai Sub-district, Na Yai Am District, Chanthaburi Province

Open daily from 05.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Upon arriving at the docks, park the car at the parking lot. There will be a parking fee of 20 baht. After that, take a tricycle to go to the villagers for 10 baht per person.

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