Sleeping raft, Phu Tawan, Chiao Lan Dam Complete trip

นอนแพภูตะวันเขื่อนเชี่ยวหลาน เที่ยวครบจบอย่างฟิน ในราคาไม่ถึง 3,000 บาท!


Begin the journey if you come by bus to come to the Ban Ta Khun market and call the accommodation to pick up the car at Baan Ta Khun Market. Which the car that this transfer service will include in the package of accommodation The car will take us to the port of Ratchaprapa Dam. Waiting for a long time, the boat of Pha Phu Tawan came to pick up the trip to the center of the dam. Which the boat fee that accepts us at the accommodation raft is included in the package price as well, considered worth and very comfortable



Traveling by boat for about 30 minutes, watching the beautiful scenery along the limestone mountain trail that is located on this dam is a truly amazing natural creation.




When it comes to accommodation, it’s time to change the set. Then came to take beautiful pictures together. This Phu Pha Tawan accommodation is considered a highlight that is very beautiful to take pictures.




There is a shared bathroom with 2 floating domes.


Which we recommend to book at the raft capsule Because you will experience the sleep experience in the middle of the capsule house.



And with the shape of this capsule raft, makes it a beautiful photo angle Regularly, Phu Tawan Anyone who has come to check in, take pictures to show off in social media. Come, don’t forget to prepare a beautiful dress. Come to release the shutter at this angle too.



After walking around the tour The accommodation area was satisfied until after lunch. Which this lunch will be included in the accommodation package as well Is a 4-5 food menu that is delicious.



After having lunch, it was time to go on a tour of Chiao Lan Dam. The raft will take us to take a boat to see the beauty of the Chiew Lan Dam. The first point that we will go is the highlight of this dam. Khao Sam Klao Landmark must not miss to collect beautiful pictures at this point.


The atmosphere of the limestone mountains that are located in the middle of the water, arranged in 3 different shapes and sizes. It is an image that looks strange and impress everyone. It is a miracle that nature has truly created perfectly.


Later, from Hin Sam Klao, we went to the coral cave. Another tourist spot, do not miss the Chiew Lan Dam. By traveling to this coral cave, it must go from the boat to walk about 3 kilometers into the forest. This hiking trail is quite easy to walk. There is a steep slope alternately. But there is no way to have any cruel steps to climb





When walking to the end, we will find a bamboo raft. The park is waiting for us. This will take us to the coral cave.



Sitting on a bamboo raft, crossing to the coral cave, about 5 minutes. We arrived at the entrance that had to climb a little bit. We soon arrived at the entrance to the cave.



This coral cave is a limestone cave on the inside with many stalactites and stalagmites. There are many rocks that look strange and beautiful. Is another highlight of this Chiewlarn dam




And when returning from the coral cave, do not forget to take a picture of the port area that we are down because this area has very colorful water Is emerald green, cut with yellow because the shallow area is sand Very beautiful


Already passed for the Chiew Lan Dam Tour It’s time to come back to our raft. Which arrived in the evening Sunny, windy umbrella The raft also has activities for us to do for free in the evening like this, that is rowing. Canoeing and swimming in front of the accommodation



Just open the front door and you can jump and soak in the water immediately Is a private happiness that is really worth traveling.



When playing paddle water until he was satisfied and then had time to change clothes to wait for dinner Before going to eat, we met a special moment with the twilight light in the evening at Pha Phutawan. The sun gradually Level down to the surface A golden light shining throughout the sky Reflecting the water beautifully Is a time when everyone is in happiness It is a very memorable image.



After that, it’s time to eat in the midst of golden light that still shines like this. Say that it is very good!


Passed for 2 days and 1 night at Pha Phutawan, Chiew Lan Dam Is a truly full relaxation Both the beauty of nature Comfortable raft accommodation with beautiful shapes Who wants to experience the atmosphere This way, I must say that I have to see with my own eyes once.


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