6 top Japanese architecture, beautiful, outstanding, according to the image collection

6 สุดยอด สถาปัตยกรรมญี่ปุ่น สวยโดดเด่น น่าตามไปเก็บภาพ

It is well known that Japan Is a country with creativity along with
modernity Can be seen from the art that is inserted in various things
Around all corners of the city Including many beautiful and interesting architectural styles that Chae Chana went to take photos of the most social ups Today, Mushroom 
Travel has 6 cool Japanese architecture for you to take a photo, check in as a chic. Where are you following?


Tokyo Tower


Starting at the Japanese architecture of Tokyo Tower is a large communication tower. To transmit various radio and television signals Located in the Minato area of ​​Tokyo, with a height of 333 meters In Japanese movies and dramas Beginning in 1950, after the war to symbolize the power and economic influence of the world.



Tokyo Tower It is one of Tokyo’s major tourist attractions. It is considered one of the 21 great tower monuments of the world. The tower area can be divided into 3 parts: the lower part is a 4-storey building located beneath the tower, with museums, shops, etc. The other 2 parts are the viewpoint of the tower. Divided by class as follows

1st floor, aquarium

2nd floor, many shops and restaurants

3rd floor, wax museum Level

4 Art Gallery and 3D display system


Tokyo Skytree


Tokyo Skytree is a Japanese architecture. That has been recorded from the Guinness Book of Statistics (May 17, 2011) as the highest tower in the world With a height of 634 meters, with the origin is Japan is the first country That transforms the TV signal system from analog to digital The Japanese government therefore initiated the construction of a new tower. In order to be a transmitter that must be higher than a building in Tokyo And is also used as a mobile phone signal transmission point



For the viewpoint of Tokyo Skytree, there are 2 levels: Tembo Deck, 340 – 350 meters altitude. The highlight is the thick glass floor that is resistant to height. Visitors can therefore look down below. And see the miracle of the beautiful steel structure of Tokyo Skytree and Tembo Galleria, at an altitude of 445 – 450 meters, which is a continuous 110 meters long balcony. Plus, during walking, there will be a simulated climate. The sound will be adapted to the outside air in each season.


Kobe Port Tower


Kobe Port Tower is one of Japanese architecture. Cool that we want you to visit once. Which is a view tower that is a landmark of Kobe City Started to open in 1963, built from pipes And has a shape like a long Japanese drum This tower has been called “The beauty of the metal tower” and is also a symbol of Kobe Port. The tower is decorated with night lights as the first in Japan. Which is especially beautiful at night



Inside Kobe Port Tower, there is a viewpoint on the 1st – 5th floors. In addition to the viewpoint There is also a souvenir shop. On the 1st floor viewpoint with clear glass floor Making it a beautiful view from a height of about 75 meters above the ground level On the 3rd floor viewpoint with a rotating coffee shop Which will revolve every 20 minutes so you can relax with 360 degree views of Kobe city with your favorite drink On the 5th floor viewpoint, the whole floor will be a view deck. You can enjoy Kobe from all angles.


Rainbow Bridge



Rainbow Brigde, or Rainbow Bridge, is the main route that has both ways for the car to run. And pedestrian Connecting Tokyo with Odaiba Island as Japanese architecture Beautiful Especially at night to illuminate the rainbow lights Available only during December – January We can see the beauty of the bridge from around. And can go up and walk to see the beautiful view of Odaiba from the bridge as well.




Kanazawa Railway Station


Kanazawa railway station is Japanese architecture. Reputed to be the most beautiful train station in the world! Founded on April 1, 1898, was built with wood behind. At present, the Japanese government has been renovating in 1998 until completion in 2005. Kanazawa Station has developed a beautiful modern architectural style combined with ancient culture. There are many shops and restaurants within the station. As well as having hotels to serve as well


Tokyo Dome


apanese architecture The last cool that will take you to check in is the Tokyo Dome, a baseball stadium located in the heart of Tokyo. And also used as a concert Festivals and events With only famous artists Both of Japan itself to top artists from abroad Tokyo Dome, built on 18 March 1988, is the first open-air field in Japan. Which is a large dome within the capacity of up to 55,000 people. At night, the Tokyo Dome will show fire to watch as well.



Within the area is the Tokyo Dome City Attractions theme park. The amusement park that is within Tokyo Dome City has many players such as roller coasters, ferris wheel and skydiving towers that are up to 80 meters high. Equally interesting is LaQua Spa, which is Tokyo’s largest natural hot spring. Including the Tokyo Dome Hotel and many restaurants and shops Can be called one place here, all the entertainment

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