8 Phetchabun Check-in Go every season!

If you like mountain trekking to see the nature of Phetchabun fog is a top choice we think of because of the small mountains surrounding. With forests, greenery. Cold weather Can travel all season. The highlights are inevitable. Foggy Sea View and Cabbage Bigger than Hand But besides Phu Tup Plum. Who will know that Phetchabun has many more attractions to see

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1. Phu Tuppik
When it rains The cold came. It is a good time to embrace the fog. Followed by walking around the cauliflower sprouting up all over the Phetchabun. The biggest cabbage in Thailand In the air, wholesome. Breathe fully Tent night, get a cold winter, watch the stars on the sky and on the soil. That’s a metaphor for that. He is a star on the soil. The height of the sea level is about 1768 meters, when viewed from the top of the mountain to the bottom at night. The light of the house shone glittering like the stars in the sky.

2. He Taki Ngop
Touch the first light of the day. Finn with the sea doctor 360 degree on Khao Tigers Recognized as one of the most beautiful sunrise spots on Khao Kho. And from this point of view can see his grandfather shaped like a volcano Fuji. (Do not fly to see Japan), including the forest Khao Kho. Hiding in the mist. A beautiful image that must be seen with eyes. Khao Takian is located along Highway 2258, drive to Pratumnak Hill, Khao Kho to Thung Salaeng Luang. Can bring up to Khao Takian Hoo. Top Tent Camping Service Or tent up to expand it.

3. Thung Salaeng Luang (Nong Mae Na)
Thung Sala Luang or “Savannah Pasture of Thailand” is the third largest national park in the country, the only source of savanna forest in the north that remains fertile. The park covers two areas. Phetchabun and Phitsanulok The area is open wide. The area of ​​about 16 square kilometers along the route will cut through the deciduous forest. There are many flowering plants. And wildlife can come out along the way. There are also savanna meadows alternating with two pine forests. It is a meadow, a lane and a field. Popular tourists hiking and camping tents. The park is open for visitors in October – November every year.

4. Phra That Pha Pha Kaew
Wat Phra That Pha Kaeo Standing in the middle of the hug. The decoration of the tiles. Benjarong jar pearl, glass beads, colored stone ring as well as colorful ceramic. Decorated with beautiful patterns from pillars, walls, floors, stairs, when the sun must be reflected around the area as beautiful as a temple in heaven. Wat Phra That Pha Pha Kaeo, which is enshrined. And the Basilica of the Buddha 5 Buddha, the white, five large, quite grandiose. It is also a great scenic spot. Especially during the rainy season around the temple is filled with white mist.

5. Pino Latte Resort & Cafe
Who likes to shoot Want to taste delicious bakery. Pino Latte Resort & Cafe is a perfect place for those who come to Khao Kho. Located on the top of a hill. The top is a hip cafe. Adapted from containers. There is a menu of desserts, beverages and snacks. Highlights are front store. A viewpoint of the cliff hiding in the middle of the valley. The resort is located at the bottom of Boutique Resort. There are only 5 rooms.

6. “Bluesky Garden” English Flower Garden
“Bluesky Garden” English Flower Garden Atmosphere like walking in Europe. The Blue sky Resort @ Khao Kho The flower garden on 30 acres of land is called The Seasons or 4 seasons. It is divided into 4 zones, namely Summer Spring Autumn Winter. Beautiful to vary. Make a corner. Photo Check-ins The weather is cool. The wind blows through time. Can visit the whole year without waiting for the winter. Watch the flowers bloom throughout 365 days.

7. Khao Kho Windmill Field
Who to visit Khao Kho. Remarkable with the giant wind turbine. Set on a hillside. In the Black Diamond Village It offers panoramic views to the cliffs. In addition to being a source of electricity. It is open to tourists to visit the beautiful view with two points of view point is Chang Doi and view point, wind turbine and also have a view.

8. Waterfalls National Park
I really like the cold winter. The area is high mountains through Chaiyaphum and Phetchabun. The weather is cold throughout the year. The forest is abundant. Water stream There are many beautiful natural scenery. Attractions in the park, such as scenic caves, cliffs. Have a walk up the scenery and sunset in the evening, scenic spots Phuoc. Sunrise view in the morning. You can see the pine forest, Phu Khum, rice alternating with rainforest, Tat Waterfall. Large waterfall flows from the cliffs, about 20 meters high, the forest changes color in December – January every year. The forest here will be the same color as the deciduous leaves. From green to yellow, orange, red, natural bright.

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