Traveling to Myanmar, Myanmar

The only way to go all the trip. I think the review. Start Coaching Review Yangon is the first trip. I recommend it. View Profile

This is a day to work, but the mind is thinking to go. I ran away from work at 13.00 this trip I want to name the trip “escape”.
Today, take a bus to Don Muang Airport for a little more time to the airport around 15.00 Check in to the living room in the Gate waiting to board.
18.05 hours Yangon Airport is about 19.18 hrs., Burma is 30 minutes slower than Thailand.

The first meal at Yangon KFC at the airport than it was to pass a lot of people, it was almost 8 pm, so I decided what to eat before entering the hotel, as I did not sleep at all, then call the Taxi to send. The price of 8000 kyat is not expensive, I actually have an Airport Shuttle Bus to Sule Pagoda at the end of the entrance to the exit door almost the end of the red-blue car 500. But it is dark. Find statistics and again choose a car Taxi be better to try a ride back to the airport. I’m not sure if this is the case.

Our hostel tonight, Backpacker Hostel, total bathroom, breakfast included, 400 baht per night outside may not look good. Botataung Pagoda / Sule Pagada / City Center is very comfortable. Good command of English

The hotel is not far from the hotel, but it is very clean. Come on

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