Koh Chang Lazy day

Elephant Day 3 Days 2 Nights
Go to the island to sleep and listen to the waves and rain ?️
? carry a book ? with favorite playlists
To eat happy to fully charge the battery.
Maybe come out. We do not want anything more than just being passive.
stay with myself Have spent the holidays Got a job Come keep the happiness
Take the atmosphere in front of us. Take heart, breathe by the sea.

It is recommended to take a boat crossing at Koh Chang Ferry Pier. Natural Resort is open from 7.00 – 18.00 hrs. It takes about 40 minutes to cross the shore, 80 baht / person and car 120 baht / trip.


That’s where we like it. This is not Bali. But it is Koh Chang! Tropical atmosphere and decoration, just steps from the beach. The lushness of this place makes us breathe a full lung, even when we come to rain. It’s not that bad. It’s like this trip we took ourselves to leave in a comfortable place. Have a listen to music The cliff with the sound of the rain fell to us, soaked heart again, soft bed with a romantic atmosphere. Time to walk slowly. When it rains We need to wake ourselves up from bed. Come and explore the beauty of each corner of The Dewa Koh Chang is a corner for us to take photos. Little trees make it truly accessible to nature. The swimming pool is located in the heart of the hotel. There is a pool bar by the pool bar, where we can order either Alcohol or Non-alcohal for a drink by the pool. For kids, there is no coffee here that caffeine can not live here. The Cafe is also available to serve. The service is complete in one place.

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