Welcome and deceit: A single traveler traveling in Africa.

Welcome and deceit: A single traveler traveling in Africa.
Backpacking in Africa
November 14, 2016 by Val Bowden
Backpacking Africa: Bad and Ugly
[Administrator Note: Tarek is a backpacker who arrives before me traveling. We stayed connected while he was traveling and he had a great story to share. While his time was unbelievable, he also faced some real problems with coming to tourism … especially traveling in Africa. Continue reading and learn some tips and tricks that are not coated with sugar.]
1. What makes you choose Africa?
I have three regions / continents that interest me to travel. I started traveling in May, so the best weather is traveling. What is my interest in Africa is the wildlife landscape and culture.
Tell me more about your route …. Where did you go? How do you travel? etc.
I started in Namibia and went to South Africa, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia. I usually take a bus because it is the cheapest way to go around and a great way to contact the locals. I take some flights too. Travel to Madagascar and back.
Backpacking story,
Drinking Waterfall in Victoria Falls
3. What is your favorite memory from your trip?
It’s very hard to pick a favorite memory alone! A good story happened in Zambia, where I wanted to catch a train to Dar Es Salaam. Unfortunately, the train was not working and I had to go to the bus which was off at 5pm. But I arrived at the train station at 10am. The “store” they sell bus tickets, which is a cafe where women sell tickets. I bought one and a man started talking to me and asked me where I came from. It may sound a little risky if you just read this. But I have some experience and have a good feeling to do this.
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4. Do you really really get sick in South Africa? What happened? And how can other travelers avoid such things?
Yes, food poisoning made me travel from Durban to Johannesburg. I took a burger that stopped drinking. It happened to be very bad and I had to go to the hospital by an emergency car in Johannesburg. Other people may avoid eating something from them with super market. I have never had a problem with the food of a restaurant that was just a burger drink that made me sick. In some countries I would like to eat meat because of its cleanliness.
[Note: This happened to my friend Jackie in Ethiopia because of the unreliable meat. The meat usually does not get cooler longer than it should and makes it bad. If you go to a vegetarian diet, you’re still at risk …. I’ve listed all my health and safety tips here.]
backpacking madagascar, the story of backpacking in africa
Life in beautiful Madagascar.
5. You have crazy experience again in Madagascar. what did you do?
That is the horror of my journey. I will be here again in Madagascar; We decided to take both trips together and book it through the hostel. We also talk about travel with a guide. We could not find the required symbol without specifying the position in parentheses. It has an undefined value and is not eligible.
We found them to be friends with one of the hostess’s hostesses and not as an official tour guide. We told them just to and pay for the first trip. Madagascar and the hostel we booked were booked. So we went to the driver who drank too much water the night before we returned to the capital. We went to the hostel without reservation. There are also some rooms. So we decided to go to the hotel because the “guide” was going to come back later. We go to town, pay the driver for the first trip, and then escape.
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I went to the embassy the next day to check if what we were doing was correct and we confirmed that nothing was wrong. Two days later we received a letter from the “guide”, we went to the embassy again and they told us to leave the country as soon as possible. I feel like a James Bond movie. It is a joke that we met with the Minister of Tourism of Madagascar. Madagascar is quite bad. The road is terrible. You are not allowed to rent a car without driving and public transport is the only minibus called. The “taxi-brousse” is full of people.

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