TRAVEL TO Ethiopia with it Reason

There are many special things about this country including love for face and raw meat. (Even though sushi and yolk are not available)
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My best friend tried raw meat for the first time!
2. is a national geography with value.
Ethiopian travel and you can visit the distant southern tribes, which seem to be in the National Geographic magazine, who are still living the same way they have done thousands of years ago. Tattoos of the neck and jewelry are larger than the body parts. Nude naked women in confidence are proud members of their society. If you are lucky, you will see a young man entering adulthood by jumping around as many bulls as he can in the traditional ritual.
Many tourists enjoy visiting local markets and sleeping in traditional cabins. It is an experience that you can literally not have anywhere.
Ethiopia Travel, Ethiopia Travel, Ethiopia Travels, African Backpackers for Beginners
Traditional boutique skating rink
3. For the love of coffee.
Will you have the best cup of Joe when you travel to Ethiopia? Because they invented. The story goes that one day a herder named Kaldi noticed his goat prance around. There was a lot of energy after eating a bunch of berries. He took the berries to the elders and the rest was the history of coffee.
When you come to Ethiopia, you will not only But see the cafe only. But you may be invited to someone’s home for a traditional coffee ceremony. Hosts, while often mentioned in the media, really live up to their hype. The ability to sniff raw beans is still green, roasting slower than open fire is the most intoxicating. While coffee is brewing it is not surprising to be acidic. Happy with popcorn, sometimes dancing and gossiping.
4. Not other African countries.
I say this because I often preach how African countries differ from other countries. (Which is very true), but Ethiopia is a unique country in this continent.
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This is because Ethiopia is the only country not colonized to defeat the Italians twice to secure independence. Visiting other African countries, you will notice their European influences with the language they speak, the English tea settings, and the rest of the remains of the colonization.
Ethiopia, on the other hand, remained relatively untouched by the outside world for a long time. Geography is different from neighboring countries, called the “roof of Africa,” which is more than 70% of the mountain range of the country, twice the size of Texas.
For this reason, and many others, Ethiopians do not think of themselves as African.
Ethiopia Travel, Trip to Ethiopia, Ethiopia Travel, Children in Africa, Africa Backpacking
My friend Emily, an Australian backpacker, enjoys Danikil’s depression.
Ethiopia is history and celebrated around the world up to 40 times in the Bible. Ethiopia also appears in the Koran and Homer’s Odyssey.
Items of success from the previous day include:
Is the origin of mankind
House of the Queen of Sheba
Ark and covenant
The first country to send athletes into the Olympic barefoot. (And he won)
The first African pilot to fly through the Atlantic.
What once was a country struggling with poverty has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
It is home to the African Union, which attracts people from all over the world. Wilderness and “virgin” safari are generally granted the right to visit only because of its historical success and the quest for development.
6. Best person
Ethiopia is the best man in the world. Whether you walk on the street, ride a bus, or just hang out at your hotel, somebody just needs to welcome you and welcome you to their country.
The villagers are very generous and will provide you with everything you need. Make travel in the country easier. I can tell the story after the Ethiopian story, let me ride a car across the city, so that I can get away from buying me groceries, or even give my shoes (Read Travel Ethiopia Guide to learn how. Why does not this all return?
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My favorite is the kids as soon as they see my white face, they will run up to greet me. Give me a hand or kiss on the cheek.
Ethiopia Travel, Trip to Ethiopia, Ethiopia Travel, Children in Africa, Africa Backpacking
7. Just become trendy.
For many years Ethio

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