Things You should know before wanna be tourism

Not when you consider events in the past month. Cute and innocent people around the world face terrifying acts. I can not even think of going through what these individuals and their families are experiencing. But everything happens in countries that seem “safe” and “good”.
It makes me think … Africa dangerous? When i was traveling (And now live in the continent), I find that countries are safe as well. (If not safe) than ordinary days in America. Of course, I followed some backpacking tips and did everything possible to keep me and my wallet safe.
Tell me whether I’m out of work? But I started to believe that the most risky thing is not to follow your heart. You do not have to guarantee tomorrow or even an hour from now, and bad things can happen anywhere. Anytime, anywhere So better than just living your life and not letting your fear or feelings in some areas stop you from going.
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Dangerous Africa? Fear of the Continent (With global experience):
1. serious disease
A 18-year-old from Ohio, Lauren Seitz, died just after touching the brain eating an amoeba from a water park she visited with her church group. Some African waters pose a threat. But that’s just water everywhere.
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2. harmful animals
I can not imagine the horrors these parents face when their 2-year-old boy is grabbed by a crocodile in front of them. What should be a family holiday becomes a nightmare that will haunt them for life. From my experience, when I returned to South Africa, the villagers were always very knowledgeable and helpful. (Unlike the Disney resorts that this family stays in) about animals in the area and what they do and do not.
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3. Guns and Violence
The 100 dead or wounded at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando took me over. I can not stop thinking about it. How are survivors facing the problem, and how many gay and lesbian friends do they feel? Unfortunately, violent acts happen everywhere.
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