Prepared yourself before Backpacking

Who started using backlight?
While backpacking is a trendy thing to do right now, it really started out in the year. 1992, when writer and lyricist Ray Jardine wrote.
Apart from backpacking This book has laid the foundations for many of the techniques used today.
Ultralight and Backpacking Light Standards
All this is to reduce your Base Pack (BPW)
BPW = weight of your backpack + inner and outer gears – supplies (Like the million biscuit packages that you eat when you ride a bus for a long time)
Once accepted, your backpack may be 1/3 of your weight. But if a person weighs 180 kg, carrying a 60-liter bag is now considered to be 40 pounds above Luxury. The difference!
The standard varies. But in general:
Minimalist / Super Ultralight – 6 pounds
Ultralight: 7 to 14 pounds (nothing but basic but enough you can have thick sleeping bags and tents)
Lightweight: 15 to 20 lb (this is the basis with enough space for the steering wheel and other keychains)
Luxury / plush :: 20+ pounds (my bag is a plush doll, honestly, I would not go in this category again if you end up at £ 22, okay, but what’s more, not worth it)
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Traveling jackets like these are paired as silver belts / purses, but are more secure. I’ve helped over a few times! Seriously, get this today.
Backpack Techniques
The goal is to bring what you really need and customize what you already have.
1. Reduce the weight of existing items. For example, do you want a whole box of batteries or can you take out a few that you want? Some backpackers also remove tags from sleeping bags, t-shirts, etc. to help save weight. All increased!
2. Bring only what you need. I brought 4 pairs of pants to me! That’s too much. I sell 2 in the Mozambique market and never miss the other two. I just washed twice. (It’s a lie … I rarely do laundry, it’s generally accepted that dirty is a backpacker and I own all)
3. Multipurpose Equipment Use only one charger instead of one country for each country. Wear a travel jacket that hides money instead of bringing both a shirt and a wallet. Or buy a saris like I do in Zimbabwe, and use it as a beach wrap, beach towel and picnic blanket.
Universal Charger, Backpacking Essentials, backlighting
This is the typical charger that I am currently using. At first I bought cheaper. It works fine But it was finally broken. One so far this holds really well and has 2 USB ports so you can charge multiple phones, which is awesome! Highly recommend this one
4. Review your new requirements. At first I bought a large metal net to put my backpack. I heard about it through a travel website. Looking back, I think they need money from partners because this is ridiculous. Impossible to spoil the hard-working and inefficient space for stealing thieves. I threw it into the trash (lose a heavy 75 dollars …) and instead rely on my theft proof to secure the information. It’s a lighter way to cover up and easier than anything else.
Backpacking Light, Backpacking Africa for Beginners, Metal Net
Metal mesh I brought with … not worth $
5. Do not hold shampoo or soap with you. Interesting things like deodorant, laundry soap and toiletries can be found along the way. As a side note, some products for whites like cosmetics with whites are not easily available.
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6. Change gear “Big Tree”, also known as backpack, backpack and sleeping bag (sleep pad # 4) is the most important. Jorgen Johansson coined the phrase “3 for 3”. He recommended the “Big Three” down to 3 kilograms (which is 6.6 pounds). If you can replace them while maintaining quality, it’s worth it.
Shoes If you’re not a mainstream pedestrian, you do not need a solid climbing shoe. Gatewood pioneers backpackers who wear Keds instead of boots. If you have big feet, even though you may need to bring extra pairs, since I find the shoes in Africa quite small. (For women, size 8 or 38 is the highest). Alternatively, you can adjust your trip to begin hiking. Start your journey at Mount Kilimanjaro (instead of stopping the journey). Donate the remaining equipment as a guide to keeping your load down all the time.
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What does Gatewood’s backpack do?
All this depends on:
Comfort / comfort – I feel good to feel uncomfortable – especially when I’m sleeping. So I opted out of sleeping bags and other bed sheets, especially those with back problems, should be well taken care of.
Personalized settings – I’m going crazy fuc * ing in a bivy sack,

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