Gondar is still safe for BACKPACKING

In 2016, for the first time, heard of violence in Gondar, Ethiopia. Unfortunately, two of the latest ethnic strife in the country happened shortly thereafter. (More instructions on “Ethiopia can travel?”). In 1960 there were protests across the country. Luckily, in April of last year, In 2018, we received a new prime minister, which brought about a very peaceful change.
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Gondar seems to be 99.99% of the time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My opinion for Backpacking Ethiopia (and other African countries)
1. I still believe that Ethiopia is a very safe country to travel.
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No country is 100% safe and even A “safe country” does not guarantee a risk-free travel experience. The US Embassy issued a travel warning for Gondar, Ethiopia, but that was lifted!
2. Avoid the whole country because of violence in one area. African countries include thousands of cultures and tribes. One may have a clash with another, the rest will be unaffected. I’ve shared a few specific safety tips and explained how to get to where you’re going. But in order not to be too short, do not write Ethiopia or any other African country to collide in the same area. Sometimes you should and sometimes you should not, and in this case there are still plenty of reasons for backpacking to Ethiopia.
Avoid the protests.
European journalists were raped during Egyptian protests. But how can a Canadian friend of mine live in Cairo? Even with guns, tear gas, my friend was on the other side of the Nile, far from protest.
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Other racial violence in Ethiopia this year has happened with protesters. Several protests in the year. In the US, 2558 resulted in death, injury and multiple arrests.
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Protesters spray gas can at police in Maryland Photo credit: Eric Thayer
Danger of protest
And while violence, rape, and other wicked acts have never been a pleasant thing, they are more likely to happen to someone in the protest than not to the protests in the same city. at the same time If you feel very strongly about this issue and peaceful protest is what you think will help, than doing so.
But as a traveler may not know or care about this issue, avoid the protest! Do not look, do not stay away, and probably because you have nothing to fear.
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Should you go to Gondar?
Now that the region has settled down, it can travel to Ethiopia again. (Currently But now the danger is reduced.
But Gondar would go on a trip?
Eh … it depends. In Ethiopia’s travel guide I do not recommend it as a top place. The importance of the castle in Ethiopia is really interesting. It is an amazing example of the ancient and staggering trade routes of the country. But if you ever go to Europe, you will be very disappointed at the castle in Ethiopia. They are quite small and can not tour them very well. In addition to the castle there is not much to attract you to the city.
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If you are traveling to Sudan (All of which introduced my route through Africa, which included the Sudan route en route to Egypt.) Then you would have to stop in Gondar. In this case, I recommend spending a couple of days in the city. It has a strange feel to every horse car. Dashen Brewery is also available for afternoon breaks.

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