Ethiopia is Scared Place?

Ethiopia Travel Reminder: 4 things to know right now (But useful for any African country!)
Ethiopia Ethiopian Travel Notes
September 17, 2016 by Val Bowden
Last updated on April 6, 2018 at 11:50.
Ethiopian Travel Warnings | I have traveled many times to Ethiopia can visit? This post was written last year. When the protests in Gondar in Ethiopia began to multiply in the year, The protests and violence have transformed into the Oromia region to the point where I began to advise travelers. No need to travel to Ethiopia. However, on April 2, 2018, we received the new Prime Minister Abd Ahmadinejad, who was very stable in the country. (Actually, he’s the boss’s husband!) Now I think it’s safe to go to Ethiopia again. However, you should follow this important safety advice in Ethiopia. (As in other African countries)
1) Ethiopia Travel Warning: Avoid protests.
The first violence in the year 2560 will occur only during protests. And the protest was not in random place. Be in a pre-designed location outside the campus or in the city square. You may only be a few blocks away and there are no obstacles.
ethiopia ethiopia travel warnings ethiopia’s guide is safe to travel now
My friend had eaten at TGIF in Cairo. She could see the protesters from the Nile because only one area was happening.
That’s why I started recommending travel warnings in Gondar, Ethiopia. Since the protests have been devastating, it can be difficult to avoid going there.
And today is my biggest recommendation, whether you are traveling the world. Unless you feel the protest and think this is the only way to make your message contradictory, then avoid the suggestion … In America … in Europe … in Africa there is nothing. Well, that happens to people standing in angry groups.
Unfortunately, there was a 2560 American woman who drove through a protest in Debre Zeit (a small town outside Addis) and was killed. Someone walked through the stone through her car window to her head. That’s why you need to be aware of your surroundings and make the protests happen.
Ethiopia’s Ethiopia trip is now safe.
One of the protests in Gondar in 2016.
2) Ethiopian Travel Reminder: Translated into local language.
Violence occurred in the year. Most are located in the northern (Gondar & Bahir Dar area) in 2017 and early 2018. Ethiopian warnings were made in the Oromia area (around Addis Ababa). The rest of the country has worked quite well until this year. Protests outside of Addis are not as good as local bus companies do not leave Addis.
I have met some travelers who want to travel to Harar (Eastern Ethiopia, where you can feed your dog in the mouth), but buses in Addis stop serving due to the unrest in Oromia. But I say do not go down the road in Addis if the bus does not go to Sky Bus & Selam.
However, I told the same traveler that if they wanted to go to Harar, they could fly there.
Like most other African countries, Ethiopia has many regions, cultures and ethnic groups. Violence in one area often does not affect violence in other areas. The fighting in Ethiopia now involves discord between Oromia People and the government and the most specific expression. So, as long as they do not travel or go through Oromia, they need not worry. By flying they will miss the area. But by bus they will pass it. That is the difference.
Like other African travelers.
If you hear about violence in North Kenya, it may not affect the island of Salam on the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. I was in the DRC town with protesters walking in, even walking 15 minutes and I was safe.
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The bottom line is violence in Africa almost always in some areas that affect specific individuals. As travelers, just avoid those areas and the rest of the country should be safe. (Obviously, there are some exceptions … Some northern or central African countries have more stringent security issues. But for South Africa and East Africa, this guide works.)
However, because travelers avoid the North in 2016 or Oromia in the year 2560 does not mean that the rest of Ethiopia has not reached the limit. There are many reasons to visit Ethiopia. And if you’ve read my Ethiopian guide, you know I do not recommend Gondar, Bahir Dar or Oromia as a great tourist spot.)
3) Ethiopia Travel Warning: Do not advise you.
Violence in Ethiopia is not aimed at tourists. Ethiopian love foreigners! If anything happens

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