Baby Elephant got a fight in africa

Mostly you know that I’m pouring all my money and energy into starting a vegan snack business in Addis Ababa. (On the side note – I am using all the profits from my book Backpacking Africa for beginners to help. fund. So if you want some good commuter downloads today ?) And let me tell you is unfunded. Starting a business in a developing country is difficult.
That’s why on Thursday morning I found myself tired, excited, and most of all overwhelmed with everything to do. Maybe you know the feeling? Then, while eating a bowl full of Ethiopian Shiro’s favorite lunch, I read the story of this elephant.
Baby elephants in Africa never give up their motivation to travel.
This impressive image is from a video taken by Jesse Nash while traveling to a safari in Zambia.
This small elephant finds itself surrounded by 14 female lions! Attack them all evil at once.
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He did not give up on his terrible fate. He fights back! hard
While keeping his cool, he retreated into the water that had eliminated most of his attacks. But not all Finally, he started charging them! Until his enemies are running away from him.
His calm and portable attitude earned him a name. “Hercules”
Child motives, travel motives, orphanages in the hospital nairobi kenya
This is me at the orphanage in Kenya. I look good, but the little guy behind me is so cute! <3
Motivation to travel
“Lions” are attacking you today? I knew before going backpacking, I was trying to figure out:
Is it irresponsible / too stupid to leave work and travel? (Not all not!)
Where should I go? (There are plenty of reasons for the African backpack)
I need $ as much? (I explain how much the costs of backpacking in Africa are. But stick around because I launched a new interactive African backup calculator soon!)
Who can provide personal information about backpacking Africa? (I can totally leave your question in the comments below or check out my backpacking book that tells you everything you need to know)
However, what you have to face today – do not give up! Charge forward, kick some ass and become a Hercules. If an elephant can fight 14 lions, you can beat them!

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